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Savannah Georgia here I come!


Hi all! I know that nurses are some of the most helpful and compassionate people on this planet and was just wondering if I could ask a favor. I am looking to relocate to Savannah Georgia. I have been working in the emergency room setting for over 30 years and recently took a gig in ASCU/PACU. I feel like I have a small window of time to finally do something for me… This has been a dream for many years. I have applied and even did a phone interview for Saint Joseph/Candler Hospital in their emergency room. It sounds extremely crazy, busy and chaotic which I loved 10 years ago but now not so much. 😀Just wondering if anyone has any ideas for someplace like a satellite ER, an urgent care, ambulatory surgery center… Something along those lines in the area. I have spent so much time online without any luck. Thank you so much in advance for any help.