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Hi Guys,

I want to find out about the various courses to do the Sane training in nj....

1- do they include and practical experience required ( Physical examination, specimen collection etc ).

2-do you have to register with NJ BON as a sexual assault examiner? if so is the Sane course sufficient or do you have to have the masters in forensic nursing to register with NJ BON.

3- how much is the cost, can someone recommend a course?

Thank You


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sorry I forgot to add.... I really want to do this not for financial gain.... but I feel at this point in my life I need to do something where I will have a positive impact on someones life.... I want to feel like I have helped in some minute way...

any suggestions on how to kick start a career in this field would be appreciated.... I am a new RN in nj with a couple of years of Rn experience from abroad.... I am looking for RN jobs at the moment.... hopefully I can move towards this field.

shoegalRN, RN

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I am a SANE nurse, but I'm not certified.

For my program, you must have a year of ER, ICU, OB, or Labor and Delivery experience.

I took a 40 hour training course that included evidence collecting, evidence documentation, attending trial, forensic photography, and learning the legal aspects of forensic nursing for my state. That includes the age of consent. That training also included how to perform a forensic sexual assault exam from head to toe, including performing a pelvic exam.

I am also a member for the IAFN which stands for International Association of Forensic Nurses. I would join this organization if you are interested in SANE nursing.

I have had two depositions regarding three of my SANE cases. My kits mostly get good hits on DNA. Although I've had depositions, I have yet to testify in court, due to lack of victim participation.

To date, I've done close to 30 cases and precept other SANE nurses.

I am an ER nurse and take call 2 days a month. This is not a full time job to take unless you are a director of a SANE program. Most SANE jobs are based on call.

I hope this helps.