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San Jacinto College ADN - Fall 2020

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by A_Mosley A_Mosley (New) New Student

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This is my first time using this site. But I’m in the process of applying to the San Jacinto College ADN program. 
my grades are: 

English: B

AP1: A 

AP2: B

Micro: B 

Science GPA: 3.27

HESI: 91.2

I’ve been to one other college besides San Jac, so I don’t know my exact cumulative GPA, but it’s between 2.9-3.1 

my current ruberic is a 21 not counting my GPA. 

My real concern is if I should apply ASAP, or will I be ok waiting about a week for my CNA license to become current, and also, what are my chances of getting in? Thanks for any responses! 

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