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What is the job market like RIGHT NOW for nurses with a couple of years of experience? What are the places to avoid? How are the salaries? THANKS!!!


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If you work for a union-based hospital (most of them are), then it is dictated by the union scale. Starting rates are $45 to $52/hr + differentials for weekends, evenings and nights. But this is for N. California only in the metropolitan areas (SF, Oakland, San Jose, Palo Alto). They are looking for experienced nurses, not new grads. However, before you move out here from out of state, get an offer first. This area is saturated with nurses, experienced and new grads. New grads are having a challenging time to find a job because the number of training slots have been reduced. Experienced RNs will have better odds, but again, do not move out here before you have an offer in writing. Also, please realize the cost of living is very high, so that's why the salaries are high as well. Good luck.


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Smile123, thank you for the information! Having lived in NYC, I am VERY familiar with the high(er) cost of living. We'll see what happens!


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I applied at San Francisco General and USCF Med Center for a per diem position. I have more than 10 years experience. Haven't heard anything in three weeks. Initially applied with an out of state address. I was told by an insider that they won't even look at you without a California address. To your comment don't move until you get an offer, I feel the other nurses pain who moved and can't get a job. I have a valid CA license so I don't see why I am not qualified, also have worked travel assignments in CA also. As I have waited 3 weeks I am going to apply at a few other Hospitals. I am surprised that at least when you apply for employment, that you at least don't get some kind of acknowledgment letter. I applied an have gotten zilch.

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