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I have been looking through many posts on here regarding the San Diego job market, however, many are outdated and I am curious if anyone can offer some new insight for me.

I was recently in San Diego and worked 14 months as a new grad ADN at a subacute psychiatric rehab IMD (I know the struggles out there are real!). I moved out of California last summer, the same time I finished my BSN. I have since been working FT on a Cardiac Stepdown/Progressive care unit (focused on postcardiac surgeries/PCIs, such as CABGs, Pacemakers, Cardiac caths, etc) in South Carolina. I also have been continuing to work part-time in a psychiatric intensive management unit.

I want to move back to San Diego... lets be frank, I miss the weather and beauty :) I want to know how hard it will be to get hired into Scripps, Sharp, UCSD, etc. onto a similar cardiac floor. I would like to move after I achieve one year of cardiac experience this May. I have my BSN and then will have over 2 years of nursing experience.

Any thoughts, suggestions, etc. to make myself most marketable to be hired in one of San Diego's major hospitals?

Also... If you work at one of these hospitals, what is your biweekly/monthly take home pay? (Base pay/differentials?)


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Bumping because I'm wondering the same thing. Looking into moving from Dallas to San Diego in the next 6 months. At that point I will have over 2.5 years CVICU experience (experienced in taking care of post CABG, carotids, cardiac caths, lung and vascular surgeries, vents, therapeutic hypothermia, CRRT, vasoactive drips, etc). What kind of hourly pay can I expect with my experience at one of the larger hospitals?

My brother is stationed on Coronado and after visiting him a couple of times I'm officially hooked! I appreciate everyone's help!


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@Jameca32 -

I am envious of you and your experience in the CVICU! :) That is where I am striving to get! (I've been on a Cardiac Stepdown for almost a year and interview for the CCU today! creepin' my way towards the CVICU!).

I hope someone can shed some insight here regarding my questions.

I am absolutely excited over the Scripps' new cardiovacular institute opening this year! Its massive and I believe will be one of the largest cardiac centers in the southwest region! I would encourage you too to keep an eye on their facility looking for CVICU nurses!