San Diego Kaplan/Concorde LVN


Anyone in the San Diego area that is currently attending or has graduated from one of these schools?

Was/is the classroom experience positive/helpful?

Did you find work after graduation?

I've done my research and explored my options and my best bet seems one of these two. I do know that the courses won't transfer, but I'm just trying to get my LVN while I work on LVN-RN pre-reqs. I'm just worried that it'll be a huge hassle going there as I've seen some negative reviews and a couple of years ago I was going to go to PIMA Medical Institute for Veterinary Technology, but I could not put up with the unprofessional staff.

I've worked in the veterinary field and a lot of vet techs working in San Diego have graduated from there. It's a for-profit school, but in San Diego at least, it works. I've heard similar things about the LVN programs from for-profits here.

I'd appreciate some feedback and recent experiences :)



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Hello - I am not currently doing my LVN at the San Diego campus but at the Vista Campus. I am doing my Phelebotomy certification there and to be honest if I had known that the LVN was offered in San Diego I would have going to that campus. What you should know before going to kaplan is it has been sold to another education company so in January the name will be changing but they say that is really the only change - The San Diego campus is pretty nice, they have computers in most class rooms unlike vista . It seems to be more modern. As for the program it is similar to the one at Vista for the 1st term but there are some differences. I am currently completing term 2 and going into term 3. I think the instructors at my campus are good for the most part and where they lack they say to deal with it because in nursing nothing perfect. I would recommend having some medical background because without you can feel overloaded with information as these are 12 month programs and its full time 830 to (230-430Pm) classroom instruction and Clincals from 7 to 3pm ( clincals my have a bit of a drive I travel from Temecula to san diego ). Some students are working nights as CNAs or weekend, their just now starting to burn out if you can not work while doing this program youll do much better. I dont have to many things to complain about. Good luck finding a program that best works for you



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How much does it cost to attend Kaplan?