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Hi Everyone!

I just submitted my application for samuel merritt in oakland for spring of 2011. I had a list of 3 more pre1s to complete before i would be able to start classes if i got accepted. i crashed all three and got 2. the world history professor said that he would add me during the first day of classes so i turned in my application for samuel merritt and then during the next week of classes, he told me he can't give me the add code anymore. if you have applied to samuel merritt, you would know that finding a world history class that covers the present is very hard to find. i'm currently in east side san jose. the only two places in my area that have world history covering the present is de anza and san jose state. i have already gotten denied from san jose state and am hoping to crash at de anza this september however, the waitlist over there is full already as well. has anyone here been able to attend samuel without having to take that history class? or if you can take it at a community college in oakland while taking your classes at samuel for the first semester. i have already gotten all my pre-reqs and am devastated that i wasn't able to get this class. i'm hoping that they would understand. this class is so hard to get. i have checked evergreen, west valley, foothill, mission, and no luck - they don't even offer the class!! please let me know on what i can do and what you can suggest for me. i really hope that not a lot of people apply so that they can consider this. hahaha


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