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Samuel Merritt FNP track- Oakland campus or Sacramento campus?



I am planning and preparing for the next application cycle for SMU Nurse Practitioner track and I am wondering which campus would be a better choice and how the school/clinical schedule is like. For those who have visited both campuses, could you please tell me how the neighborhood is like and whether it is safe? For those who attended/attends school at either campus, can you also tell me how the neighborhood is like as well as the school/clinical schedule? My family is kind of scared of the Oakland campus because of where it is located and I was wondering if it would be possible to commute from Oakland back to San Jose and if the classes are during the mornings/afternoons or the evenings? Also, can you choose where you do your clinical or does it have to be near the campus? Thank you so much for your opinions!!

-Ms. Optimistic :nurse: