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Samuel Merritt Fall 2018

Hello everyone! I didn't see a thread for Fall 2018 applicants so even though it's really early, I figured I'd start one. I know I've been feeling anxious and excited about applying soon, so I'm sure I'm not alone!

I can start off by sharing a bit about myself/my stats (we can never know what they're looking for but I feel like it's still useful to discuss and compare):

Last 90 units GPA: 3.51

4 science prerequisites: 3.46

HESI A2: Taking in 3 weeks! Ahh!

Degree: BS from a UC (graduated ~2 years ago)

I won't get into details but my undergrad years were pretty terrible and my grades suffered as a result--definitely still recovering GPA-wise. I'll be applying with Pharmacology, Pathophysiology, and Intercultural Communication still in progress.

I have about 8 months full-time experience working directly for the Surgeon-in-Chief of one of the most prestigious academic health systems in the nation. This person is also widely considered to be one of the best surgeons in the world in their field (not exaggerating)! Although I don't have patient contact, I work with a lot of patient medical information, do a lot of complex scientific/medical writing, and am constantly interacting with surgeons, advanced practice nurses, and scientists of all kinds.

Through my work, I'm a Co-Coordinator of a Tumor Board program (alongside a Nurse Navigator), which are meetings where clinicians discuss optimal treatment options for specific types of cancer patients. I also coordinate (and participate in) regular meetings for a non-profit global health organization focused on children's surgical needs in low and middle income countries. Additionally, two of my work days per week are spent in a bioengineering/stem cell laboratory helping with various projects.

Separate from work, I've been volunteering for the last ~2 years as a Project Coordinator for a laboratory that studies the effects of stress on mental and physical health (we may all be experiencing those effects firsthand come September, amiright?).

I was EMT certified but unfortunately only worked for one summer a few years ago as the "Nurse" for a children's camp. I also volunteered in the ER, Peds, and Labor & Delivery units for a local hospital in high school but not sure if that counts for anything. Lastly, I'm an author on 2 psychology manuscripts but they haven't yet been submitted for publication, so again I'm not sure if that helps me.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to chatting with you all and hopefully supporting each other through this stressful upcoming process! :)

Hey! I applied to Samuel Merritt Fall FNP program. I haven't heard anything at all from them. What about you?


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