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does anyone have any advice regarding samuel merritt college in oakland, CA ? i've read the school's website but i'm looking for 'REAL' advice from someone who really knows.


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Just sent in my application. I toured the campus and met with faculty last month. Very small school, but very close to many of the clinical sites. You still have a commute to the other outlying facilities. They strongly value the GRE in their admission. They also weigh the oral interview heavily. The director told me that communication and a personality is what they look for. I work with several CRNA's from the Merrit program and they are great! The SRNA's also rotate through the burn ICU were I work and they all have great things to say about the program. They utilize the sim man, it is front loaded, and there is now a 3 year option available .


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A couple of corrections:

1. SMC is not truly front-loaded. There is a single didactic-only semester in the Fall of your first year. Clinicals start in the Winter semester of your first year.

2. Commuting is an integral part of the program. It's not a question of if, but when.

In short - excellent program, significant clinical time with great experiences, dedicated faculty that really want to see you suceed. But, you can't get something for nothing. It is very tough. And no one coasts through their program.

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I don't know alot about the program, but the graduates are well regarded in the community. I am in So Cal, and Sam grads rotate to one of my sites.

During your first year, your pharmacology is taught by teleconference by John Nagelhout. He is a CRNA who writes most of the books by CRNAs. Really nice guy. PhD in pharmacology. Teaches in a down to earth way. Explains things so clearly.

Sam Merritt is a good school. Good Luck

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