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Samuel Merritt ABSN low TEAS Score


I am looking for some support. I am 34 weeks pregnant and have been working towards finishing my prereqs and taking the TEAS for applying to Samuel Merritt's ABSN program. It has been extremely hard to take classes, maintain a good GPA, and taking care of myself. I have maintained an over 4.0 in all my prerequisites, but ended up getting a 76% on my TEAS score today. I studied the best I could but I ran out of time for the reading. Any idea if a 4.0 and 76% is good enough for Spring 2016 admission? I cried after the TEAS test because I was not expecting such a low score. I studied very hard, from different sources, took the practice tests. I was not able to finish the reading portion and had to guess on about 10 questions. I was stressed out for the rest of the test. But the deadline to apply is July 1st, so I have to apply because i am about 95% done with application.

Please let me know what their expectations are...if anyone has gotten in with a score like mine...