Samples of Kardex or other communication tool


We are interested in implementing some sort of a communication tool that will inform staff of care needs of specific LTC patients. I don't know what to call this tool but I envision it to be like a Kardex. Our care plans have good, pt-specific information in them but because they are lengthy they are not used when giving report so the information in them doesn't get utilized like it should. The communication tool I'm desiring would convey the important stuff from the care plans in a concise format.

Has anyone found a communication tool that serves these purposes in your facility? If so, would you please let me know if you'd be willing to fax me an example. thank you


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Care Cards for CNAs can be placed inside the residents closet. One page with basic info like ADLs, food preferences, diet, etc. We also have a CNA 24 hour report

they can fill out themselves and pass report to each other


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The lack of communication has been a huge issue at my facility as well. We considered putting a copy of the resident's kardex in the inside of their closet door, but it was considered a HIPPA violation because anyone could access their personal information. We have kardexes at each nurse's station. They were kept in one notebook. The problem was no one was looking at them. Very much like our careplans, but that's a different story. What i've done is create individualized kardex notebooks per hall for the CNA's. They are expected to round using the Kardex with the offgoing CNA. I have also implemented a "Communication" book at each nurse's station. They are expected to read all entries made and initial next to the entry. I was running into the problem of "She/He didn't tell me that." or "I did tell he/she in report..." I've tried to make it fun, so every Friday I ask the nurses and CNA's to tell me as many things they can recall from the book. The person on each shift that can tell me the most gets a prize. I will do this for the next month to reinforce the use of the book. The most important thing to remember is whatever tool you decide to use you need to enforce and hold people accountable. I did an inservice and clearly explained that it is their responsibility to read that book. They are held accountable if they do something against what was communicated otherwise. We just had an instance the other day when a family member was irrate because they requested only female caregivers. Well the female CNA said she wasn't aware of this and asked a male caregiver to go help her to the restroom. This created a huge problem. When the CNA said she wasn't aware this resident was only to have female caregivers and asked her if she had read the Communication book and Kardex. It was clearly written in both places. Her reply was,"I didn't". So she was given a verbal write up. Since then she has signed each entry in the book and is now paying closer attention to her Kardex during rounds.:yeah: