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Samford DNP-Educator Jan 2018

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I am starting the online DNP with Educator Courses program at Samford University in January of 2018-anyone else? Looking for a study buddy :--)


Has 8 years experience.


I have been accepted to the program as well, but I have not decided if I will accept the offer. I am weighing the option of the PhD vs DNP in academia. What were your reasoning for choosing the DNP?

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I am in the process of applying. Start date of may because I dont need the additional educator courses as I already have an MSN in nursing education. It appears that its all the same except for the first semester and last semester so from summer to spring of 19 we'd be taking the same classes. Im worried because ill be working full time and I really cant find any reviews from people who have been enrolled in the full time program. I dont fully trust what an advisor says...they are known to fluff things up and make it sound good just to get you to enroll.