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Salem CC...?? Hesi Exam..??

hey guys/gals, i have a couple questions regarding salem community college and this hesi exam that i keep hearing so much about. currently, i am a del-tech student in delaware but am having no luck with the nursing program here, as there are entirely too many people that apply each year and the school and nursing students are just beyond belief. anywho, i am considering transferring to salem community college, as its only another 10 mins away from my current school. i understand they have an lpn-rn program, which seems to be a better choice for me anyway. at del-tech, its just an rn program. ive had many people tell me not to waste my time trying to get my lpn, but feel it would be beneficial to me. i work on a long term care unit and pretty much have a guranteed job when i graduate, so working as an lpn would not be an issue. i'm rambling..let me get straight to my point. i'm just wondering if anyone has graduated/gone to salem cc that has any feedback they could give? ie: did you like it there? if not, what did you not like about it? etc. also, i've been hearing a lot of bad things about the hesi exit exams. i'm not familiar with these at all, as my school does not require them (at least to my knowledge). could someone shed a little light for me about these exams? i'm hearing many horror stories and not sure if it would be wise of me to transfer to a school that required the hesi exit exam.

let me clarify my issue with my school: i'm basically never going to get into the program. it is extremely competitive, and i do not agree with their admission process (as you have to wait an entire year once you apply and are accepted to actually begin the nsg program).

so if anyone has any info/advice for me who has been in this situation or could give me any info about salem cc or the hesi exam, i would appreciate it! i'm hearing so many different things and honestly do not know where to turn and feel so lost in the sauce about all of this stuff! thanks for your help!




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