Salary Difference from NY to NJ


My wife just had an interview for a NICU position. She currently works at Schneider's Childrens Hospital in New York in the NICU, and has been working there for almost 3 years.

She was told that the base salary, which is apparently not negotioable at the current hospital she is applying at is $28/hr, plus about $3 extra per hour for night dif.

She's currently getting about $10 more than that now.

I feel like that is not correct. For someone who has as much experience as her, she is being offered new grad pay. Graduates in MD actually make more than that!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. This would be a great job for her, considering we are trying to buy a house in Manalapan, and this hospital is very close, but with that salary, it might be squeezing us too tightly. Its almost $20k less than what she is making now.

Thank you.


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Most hospitals do not pay extra for experience. Depending on whether or not Schneider is a unionized hospital may play into the salary difference. Those figures sound about right. I was offered around $28/hr base in NJ, and make well over that in NYC. I commute from NJ, so I also pay dual state income tax.

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