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I'm new and curious! For you salary school nurses. What are the details of your contract. My current salary and contract is stated for 180 school days. This happens to be the number of student days. Does this mean that all the preparation that is needed at the start of the school year is comp time? Or do you have an extended number of days for your contract that allows for prep? Is your lunch time detailed in your contract? Do you have vacation time? I just feel my contract is very vague. Thanks for any advice.



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Nurses in NJ are under the Teacher's contract which means we get a lunch and prep period every day (HA HA!). We have to come into school 180 student days and 4 professional days, just like the teachers. I used to come in early and organize my paperwork, etc. but wasn't compensated for it. The compensation only served to ease my anxiety/OCD about being able to do my job. I've learned over the years that I can take it a little easier and still get my work done without killing myself. You could always ask about comp time, it can't hurt.

No vacation time but we have sick, wedding, bereavement, and personal days.

Are you in the teachers union or some other union? Find your building rep for clarification of whatever's vague.

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