Saint Barnabas Medical Center pharmacology exam for employment , tips ?

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Hello everyone!

i have some concerns because I accepted an offer at Livingston, NJ as an RN at St. Barnabas Medical Center. Their protocol for all RNs is that you pass a 50 question pharmacology exam. You get 2 attempts and pass at 80%.

Any advice or tips regarding this exam for those who have done it or have similar experiences at different hospitals that do this? You get two attempts but if you fail twice they take back the offer. Some girls say it was easy. Pharmacology isn't my thing, I am following their guide for it. I have worked with the common drugs on that guide in the past so a lot is common sense. But is there anyone who failed twice? What else can I do? What sort of things do they ask? Any help or tips would be appreciated!!

I just accepted an offer here! Pharm isn't exactly my thing either so I am a little nervous... how did it go for you??

I don't work there but I know people who do, and the test isn't anything tricky. If you practice using their guide, you're almost guaranteed to pass (meaning no trick questions, no items not discussed), pretty straight forward stuff.


I was wondering how long it took for the hospital to respond to you guys after you interviewed with them? Just curious because I interviewed with them this week and the suspense is eating away at me. Thank you for your time.

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