Saddleback ADN Fall 2024 (Mission Viejo)

Connection point for future nursing students at Saddleback for Fall 2024. Nursing Students School Programs


Hi all,
Just wanted to start this thread as a connection point for pre-nursing students applying for Saddleback's ADN Program. I believe the website says decisions will go out March 1st. Good luck to everyone!

Yes, the counseling office said it may extend until second week of march. It's going to be a long 3 weeks! Last cohort applicant cutoff was 77 with 70-76 on the waitlist. I feel pretty good with my 85 but who knows what this round will look like!

Oh wow! I applied last year and decision went out March 2nd so hopefully we won't have to wait till mid March! Are you starting all the medical criteria early? I'm hoping it will be relatively easy for me since I just had to get all of that done in July for my job. 

Hi Adrienne!

I hope we do not have to wait either! I actually just completed the EMT course at saddleback so I too had to complete all the medical criteria already, so I am good to now! This is my first time applying, I was going to in 2020 but with Covid I decided to wait. How are feeling this time around about applying?

Much better! I did Saddleback's CNA course over the Summer and have been working as a CNA. It gave me a significant boost in points. I also took pharm so last year I applied with like 75 ish points and now I'm applying with 95. That extra bit really helped. 

Wow! Congrats, that was a smart move, you will get in for sure! 

Thanks! 85 points is solid too. I'm excited to get started on this journey! 

Thanks I'm hoping so! So am I, the stressors of trying to get in will be done then a we can deal with a new stress! LOL

Hello, this is my first time applying and got 87 points. I hope we get a response on the first because I don't think I can wait any longer LOL. Good luck to everyone. 

Just got may email happy to say I got accepted!

Ahhh! Congratulations! You have worked hard for this! Way to go! 

I got my acceptance today too! 

Yes we did work hard!! Congrats to you as well. See you at orientation!

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