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Sacramento Hospitals Help

Hi guys,

I moved out of Ca to a different state as an new grad since I coudn't get a job as a new grad and now I am ready to move back to Cali, but I was hoping you can help me with some info. I am still having a hard time with one year experience scoring a job in sac, and I would like to get hired on with any of the chw hospitals (I heard they are good to work for). At this point if I am unable to get permanent full time job or even per diem/prn, I am considering to work there as a travel nurse in hope that the hospital will hire me on permanently. So my question to you working for chw hospitals on any floor, what is the possiblity of me being hired for the hospital while working for the agency? or do you see other travel nurses get hired on your floor? I am looking to work on med serge, surgical-ortho or possibly tele flor. If you can shed some light on the pay for full time, differentials and also prn/per diem pay I would appreciate it. Agencies in the area are offering me about $35 as a travel nurse, but I am sure that the hospital pays much more and they would love to take advantage of me. I am tired of working currently here, no unions=no rights, 8-9 pts ratio, high accuity, low pay, managment abuse of nurses, frequent call offs, you get an idea...I want to go home. Please help with whatever info you may have. I hope chw hospitals treat their nurses in fair and ethical way as I heard from some nurses.

Thanks in advance.


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