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Hello everyone, I got accepted to the Sacramento City College nursing program for Spring 2017. I wanted to hear from fellow students that are in the program. What to expect the first week , and throughout the program? Tips on how to study, ways on not to fall behind. were you able to work at all? Any comments are appreciated, thank you for your time.


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Hi Lunadr16, congratulations on the acceptance! I am also going to be starting at Sacramento City College in Spring 2017. I haven't received any information since I first found out I was accepted, and I'm going crazy waiting to find out about the orientation etc. Has anyone received anything yet? I can't wait to have some focus and start getting requirements taken care of. I've taken the advice of nursing school vets about enjoying the time before school starts, but I'm going to start familiarizing myself with dosage calculations and basic lab values pretty soon. I need to get back into the zone so it's not a shock to my system. I'm curious about the questions Lunadr16 asked as well, and if anybody has ideas on the schedule. I've read it's Tues-Fri on other posts, but I'm curious to know if that changes each semester or not. Cheers!


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Congratulations on getting in. Check your email because I just received my email informing me that the student package is ready for pick up. Is going to have an official acceptance letter and orientation information. I did hear is Tuesday-Friday. Hopefully they haven't changed it. What book or website you are using for the dosage calculation and basic lab ? I would like to familiarize myself as well. I've posted another thread with the same same. Look it up . A former student posted really good information about what to expect the first semester .


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Hey Guys, congrats on getting accepted into the program! I was listed as an alternate and I just recently found out a spot opened up for me, so i'll be at SCC Spring 2017 as well, super stoked to be starting soon! I was wondering if you guys were planning on working while going to school? I am planning on quitting my part time job but plan on getting a supplemental/on-call job at a local hospital so i can work 1-2 shifts a week while going to school.

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I'm a relatively recent grad of SCC. I remember what it was like for me about 5 years ago, when I first started there. Your first 5-6 weeks will be entirely on-campus and you'll be there most of the day all 4 days. The first day or so is all paperwork, getting uniforms and "nurse kits" squared away and the like. Then you'll be launched into lots of lecture. Basically it's a nursing bootcamp where you'll be learning how to be a CNA with some very basic med-pass skills thrown in. That takes about 6 weeks and they're teaching you the things you'll need to know before you even see your first patient. You won't likely be doing med-passes until late in the Semester but you will be doing them and ALWAYS it'll be with your instructor. My cohort started in the Fall, so I don't know exactly how yours will run but typically once you're allowed to do clinical, you'll start doing 2 days lecture, one of those days will include prep, and 2 days of clinical. The class schedule that's published should give you some idea what to expect in that regard.

You'll get a pretty detailed syllabus and you'll get access to their on-line stuff where all their stuff will be there, including a calendar that will tell you exactly what you'll be doing and when. My advice is actually quite simple because they usually do publish all their stuff well in advance. Read the material at least 2-3 days ahead. Review the material in class and review the material again the weekend afterward. You'll get Power Point presentations throughout, so print them out so that you can take notes on them as the instructors go over the material. The PP stuff will supplement the reading material, but should also point out where you should focus your study.

You'll also start doing nursing care plans. Expect to take at LEAST 4 hours to get your first one done. As you learn to do them, you'll get faster and faster at it. Trust me on this. By mid-third Semester, you'll be doing between 2 and 4 care plans and you'll have them done within an hour and a half, maybe faster. Your instructors and Professors all generally want you to succeed, so they'll do their best to help you understand the material, but they won't spoon-feed you because they expect to be teaching adult-learners. You have to do your part too!

I hope this gives you a good primer and some insight about how SCC gets things started!


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Hi there. Congratulations! I'm planning on working at least 2 days a week on-call as well, i don't have other income so i have to . I spoke with a few other people and some do work and some don't I've heard that some work full or part time , but i wouldn't do that much because you want to focus in the program. Its really up to how well you can joggle both. See you in about a week in orientation.


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thank you so much for all the information. i love hearing from fellow nurses that went through the program. I super excited can't wait to start.