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Sac/Chico State BSN Program

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Hi im 19 years old and go to a community college and plan to transfer in 2 years and get my BSN from either Chico or Sac State. My only problem is that my first year at school I kinda messed around and had a very bad GPA, however now, one year later I have picked up my slack and am taking Anatomy, and Physiology. I have one or two bad grades on my GPA. I know that those grades wont count in my overall GPA for admission but the nursing programs will still look at them. I want to know if its even worth it for me to continue trying for nursing if i wont get future admission! any recommendations?? Thank you!

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Sac State looks only at the GPA for prerequisite and corequisite courses. If you avoided any of those in your first year you're in good shape.

For more information on getting into the program go to the Division of Nursing section on the CSUS website.

Good luck!

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