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 wanted to create a thread of all those who applied to the Rutgers Camden ABSN program fall 2024 (the anticipation is getting to me!)

Hello! I'm currently a senior at Rutgers Newark, but I don't think I'll be able to get my GPA high enough for the ABSN program here, so I am also applying to Camden when I graduate. If anyone is interested in sharing their stats (pre-reqs, GPA, etc) that would be great! Also, do they actually take any ethics course as a pre-req, or do I need to take biomedical ethics? Thank you and good luck to everyone I'll be applying next year!

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Hi, my undergrad GPA was about a 3.5. My stats were as followed:

General Chemistry :B

Anatomy and Physiology I:Α-

Anatomy and Physiology II: A-



Human Growth and Development:A

Nutrition (3 credits):A

Biomedical Ethics:A

As the ethics course question I would just reach out to them and they should clarify. Good luck!


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