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Rutgers School to School transfer vs Accelerated BSN track

by marty02 marty02 (New) New

Hi all, I'm currently a junior at Rutgers University-New Brunswick. I'm an Exercise Science major who was interested in OT, but since declaring I've realized I want to go into nursing. I've been planning on pursuing an accelerated BSN program (Rutgers or somewhere else) right after I graduate in May 2016, but I've recently been thinking about doing a school to school transfer into the Rutgers nursing school, if I could get in. I have done well in most of the science courses I have taken thus far, and I am fairly confident that I could get in as a school to school transfer with my credentials. I was wondering if anyone else is/was in a similar situation? The only things holding me back from a school to school transfer is losing my scholarship and the thought of losing my exercise science degree (I already did a school to school transfer once from the business school). I was wondering if anyone had opinions on which option might make more financial and time-wise sense? If anyone out there has done a school to school transfer as late in the game as I am thinking about, how long did it take for you to finish your courses and clinicals? And does anyone have any useful contacts in the nursing school that I could talk to about these issues? Thanks!