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Rutgers Camden ABSN - Spring 2018

by jswright07 jswright07 (New) New

Hello all!

I am applying for the Accelerated BSN at Rutgers Camden that starts in January 2018. Although the application doesn't open for another week or so, I wanted to start this thread so we have a place to exchange information and get to know others applying for this cohort.

I look forward to getting to know you all and wish you the best in your applications!

I have attended their information session and have completed all the prereqs, so if anyone has any general questions about the program I will do my best to answer them.

Has anyone been able to submit their application yet? I tried to apply on September 5th (when the website says the application opens) but the 2018 application still wasn't opened yet.. Then tried today and it was open however when I chose the school and major it says it is closed. I submitted all of my transcripts a week ago because some schools take longer to send them so I am worried they won't know what they are for since I am not able to send in the application yet.

I'm in the same position with the transcripts. I just submitted my application last night so I'm hoping my transcripts haven't arrived yet.

I got an email after submitting stating that I can access the portal which will show which transcripts they've received. I think I'll just wait until the end off the week and reorder any transcripts not yet received.

Hope you're able to get everything figured out. Good luck!

Hey guys, anyone hear back from the school or know when we're supposed to hear back? I submitted my application Oct 1

Haven't heard anything yet. I read that some people from previous cohorts heard back the second week of November. I think the deadline to hear back is December 5th.

Recently heard back actually. I got in :] Anyone else hear back? And also, does anyone know about the quality of the program or heard anything about it?

Congratulations! I'm still waiting to hear back. Fingers crossed. I'm attending their "Rutgers-Camden Day" tomorrow to see the facilities and hopefully learn more about the program.

I got my acceptance a couple weeks ago and I'm working on getting everything ready. I got an email about the optional class they're providing, but I haven't heard anything about the orientation. Has anyone heard anything yet?