Rush University GEM Spring 2018


Hi, anyone else applied to the Rush GEM program for Spring 2018 yet? I know the deadline isn't until August but I had all of my items completed so I figured why not?

Question - does everyone who meets their minimum requirements get invited for the interview or do they actually screen the applicants before they invite them for the interview?

I would be curious to know how many people get accepted if they have limited "hands-on" experience. I have all of my pre-reqs completed and my gpa is pretty good 3.8 but I have no experience in the clinical setting. I wonder how experience or lack there of is looked at when in consideration for the program. Any input would be greatly appreciated! la9MFCKoIaKIlaHjVuttgx238A8l+oISTPknrAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC