How happy are you as a rural nurse

  1. It's remote, you probably don't have a good grocery store nearby, you have a take a pay cut, and probably there aren't much to do (except for those who are outdoorsy). So do you still love your job and would you trade it for a different job? Please share your experience. I am interested in rural nursing. Thanks!
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  4. by   DesertRN2009
    I have an hour drive to work in a different state. I live in a rural area that has one hospital for 7 counties and a few ltc places. No one was hiring here including the hospital. So I go up north across state lines to work in a hospital where most citizens of my area go anyway. No entertainment here. High rent high taxes high medicaid use no jobs
  5. by   Ikikaeru
    I work in a Rural hospital, Not bad for a new Grad. ER exp. , Med surg charge nurse Exp. , LTC thats attached and cross training if I want, and we can even do pre op / post op training. Overall Ive been trained on a lot. That being said it can get scarry and intense because I work nights and unlike larger hospitals We do not have ancillary staff on (just on call). So when we get something major like a trauma its up to 1 ER nurse and we pull the charge nurse from med surg to help out and the doctor. Thats pretty much it until we can get lab and Radiology in.
  6. by   WhoniverseNurse
    Love it! But can't vote... poll is closed.
  7. by   x4livin
    Yeah, I'm pretty happy with it, but like above poster, I can't vote in the poll. I have worked in large hospitals, in every possible department(med/surg, ICU, CCU, ER, House sup, rehab, behavioral, oncology, Pedi, OB/post partum, Home health..I have worked as a flight nurse....but I like where I am enough that I have quit all of the concurrent jobs(I have kept 2-3 jobs at any give time for 15 years, and now just work in one tiny rural hospital. We do team nursing here. Assess floor patients then to ER all night. We run some of our own labs(wake up the EMS guys to run others). Draw our own blood, even intubate. I feel so useful and skilled. I love it.