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I would like to here from anyone who is in the RUE program or has finished the RUE program. I am concidering the program and would appreicate any info I can get. Thanks so much!

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RUE is merely a publishing comapny that provides text books and work books to help prepare for the exams. They are not affiliated with the college in any way nor do they grant the degrees. The program is actually through excelsior college not RUE. Be careful as their materials are pricey and the program can be done using Excelsiors free content guides and books purchased used from or other sites. I advise you to call Excelsior and get info straight from the college versus a third party publishing company. visit their site at (i think that is the site) otherwise do a search for excelsior and you will get their web page that way.



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Thanks for the info Kim. This was something I was not aware of

And thanks for taking the time to share it with me.

sandmswen :D

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