RPN Foundations to RN Foundations in BC?

by SummerBanana32 SummerBanana32 (New) New Student


Current student at Douglas taking the foundations program for psych nursing. I am halfway through completing all courses with a relatively high GPA. But now I am wanting to become an RN instead of an RPN. I have a few questions:

1) Can you switch foundation programs (from psych nursing to nursing?)

2) Since I am completing all the same pre-reqs, can I still apply to the actual RN program without technically being part of the "foundations program"?

3) If anyone has recently applied to either program (RPN and RN), approx. how long have the waitlists been?

4) Has anyone had any experience completing the foundations program at Douglas and successfully getting into a nursing program at another school?


Thank you! 🙂