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Rpn at Durham College


Hi everyone, Ive been reading articles on here for months now and thought it was time to ask some questions of my own. Sorry in advance for the long post, I hope it makes sense. I will be applying for the RPN program at Durham College for next fall 2018 (I will be completing my pre reqs between now and January). I have yet to see any posts regarding the Rpn program at Durham so i would like to get as much feedback as possible:). How difficult is it to get accepted? Is it a good school to take your rpn? How hard is it? Is there any other school you would reccomend over Durham? (Ive chosen Durham because it is the closest and easiest commute for me.) Also i currently do housekeeping at a hospital and plan on working throughout school so would you say my chances lf scoring a job right after graduating would be higher?