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Roxbury Community College Spring 2015



Since there hasn't been a recent tread for RCC-Spring 2015; I just decided to begin one for current prospects who have applied and waiting for a hopeful response.

As for me, I attended their Open House session a week before the deadline as well as toured the campus. At the session we were told that the Teas exam will only be taken and accepted at RCC. I was not to happy about that since I took it before at another school and paying for it again. So I had to suck it up and retake the exam again. On that same day I submitted my application to the Admission office and now the wait begins.

SailorVee93, CNA

Specializes in Psych; Med/Surg. Has 6 years experience.

From what I've read on this website about the evening program for RCC: you should get your decision letter somewhere between the beginning to mid December. Good luck to you and to all those who applied!!

Hi there. As of this week, RCC has already began sending out acceptance letters. Any other applicants for their Spring '15 ADN program? I just got accepted-- very excited and nervous! :nailbiting:

SailorVee93, CNA

Specializes in Psych; Med/Surg. Has 6 years experience.

Congrats marabou1! I'm in my first semester of the day program so your evening class will only be one semester behind my day cohort. It is a lot of work, but it is totally worth it :D

Thanks @Lizbee2010! Have you started clinicals yet? I am working per diem/on call at work. I am so eager to start this and slay these two years. Any tips for me lizbee2010? Are your exam questions in NCLEX format?

I received my Christmas gift from RCC of my Acceptance and I am so Happy...Thank you God!

Congrats! When did you find out? Are you starting SPring '15? We just found out when our clinical/lab times are...

I found out on Christmas Eve which was nice. I applied for the spring 2015 evening start.

When is your orientation? Classes start in a few weeks. If you'd like, PM me and i can try to answer any questions for you.

I just sent a long reply. I hope you get it. because I haven't been a member of this site for very long-- I believe that there may be some restrictions on my ability to send PMs. Let me know @focused