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Roxbury Community College Fall 2018

avallillo avallillo (New) New

Hi, I was wondering if anyone else applied for Fall 2018 to Roxbury Community College's program. And when we should expect to hear from them?

I also applied for this fall. When I attended the info session, they didn't have an exact answer as to when letters will be out. They only said before September which is not helpful and not organized at all ... please update when you receive your letter!

I received a letter for admission to nursing program last week.Still deciding what school to attend got into Bunker Hill and RCC

Really? Ugh... that doesn't sound good for the people who haven't received a letter :(

Can you please tell me your teas score, if you've completed all pre reqs and what is your gpa?

I completed my prereqs since I already have a BS in Health Science, TEAS was 80% and GPA 3.2

Bunker hill. RCC is in warning dont take the chance that it closes when your half way through.

Bunker hill also has a warning.

Has anyone else heard if they got accepted into the Fall 2018 program or know if the send out declined letters?

i received my acceptance letter in may. Not sure if they send denial letters.