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About 10 years ago I had a gastric bypass as I had complications from a vertical banded gastroplasty. Recently, I went to a surgeon who does lazer lysis of adhesions of which I have many that are matting down the colon. He requested my OR reports which was the first time I could get them as I had tried numerous times before. Maybe I got them as he had started an infertility program at the facility and was probably still doing some work there. I got a call from the doc who apologized and said that he would not operate on me in a hundred years. WHY Well, with the old open bypass and I am not sure of the newer lap procedure the pouch so to speak was attached to the anterior abdominal wall for stability. Therefore because of extensive plastic surgery on my abdomen he was going to remove the adhesions lap wise. I no longer had a belly button. He was going to introduce the first instruments through the left upper abdomen. But with the nonfunctioning colon not having the normal stomach to hold it in place had shifted north. If he had gone in there was the possibility of puncturing it or the pouch. I NEVER knew this. Also, if at some time I need open heart or abdominal surgery he said there would be an excellent chance that the remaining pouch would be opened and peritonitis for sure if I survived from the infection.

The reason I relay this experience if you know of someone who has had the surgery have them find out if the remaining stomach was removed or left to atrophy, whether the pouch is connected to the anterior abdominal wall. They once said the procedure was risky in of itself but unfortunately it leaves life long possibilities for all kinds of serious complications. Also, let you GI docs know as many do not but have patients going through the procedures. Here in Florida a nurse went in for surgery and by they time they inserted just two instruments they had punctured the aorta and she was dead in the OR. There was also another similar case.

Be sure your docs tell their patients about the possibility of future risks.

At the end of last week one of the major facilities in the Orlando area denied an employees wife the benefit of having the surgery as they said it was too risky. However, they are pushing it over the TV and elsewhere as a last chance for morbidly obese individuals. It sounds like they don't have faith in their own surgical staff.


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No matter how you look at it this surgery has Tremendous risk and complications associated with it. I have seen too many die. Right now I have a patient with every imaginable and unimaginable complication from this surgery. EVERY one of her body systems has been damaged in one way or another as a direct result of this surgery. She is in a vegatative state. Has been since the surgery a month ago.

This surgery is a money maker for the surgeon and the hospital. Few have real lasting results because the underlying behavior and psycology has never changed for the person.

I am seeing this done on persons who don't really meet the requirement of morbidly obese. The docs are cheating in this sense. Again it is a real money maker.

Rather than fully informing the patients the docs get asucessful patient to come and sell them on the surgery telling them it is a cake walk.

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