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Roseman university- utah

by gmann gmann (New) New Student

hi guys. I just got accepted to roseman and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for good apartment's.


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Check out Zillow, partners in medicine, and maybe KSL (may not find as decent ones on KSL)

My best advice is try to find an individual renting out rather than a large management company. You will get much better care, won't have to worry about any shady business, less neighbors, and can easily get ahold of them when needed. I'm speaking from almost six years of renting from individuals over large management! I'm currently in a fully renovated basement of a nice house in a quiet neighborhood.

Depending on your budget, you can find single bedroom apartments but they'll be on the pricier side. If money is tight, look into splitting a house/apartment with a classmate or two. Best of luck

I live in an apartment complex about 10 minutes from campus! I would highly recommend checking out apartments in the area. They aren't too pricey especially if you have a roommate.

Hello. CONGRATS on your acceptance. Can u help a curious student out. I'm considering applying to the Spring 2021Chort and would like to know how difficult it is to get into the school. Do u know how man students typically apply? I know they accept 70 between the two campus. Is there alot of competition. Do u have to have the highest scores?