Roseman University, South Jordan BSN


Hi all,

I'm looking for some information on the Roseman University South Jordan BSN program. If there are any current/past students who could give me some info it would be much appreciated! My biggest question is what the workload is like:

-How many hours after your 8am-3pm in class did you spend per night on homework?

-I'm thinking of working about 10 hours per week, its a simple job and I would actually just be working upstairs from our basement apartment. Does this seem reasonable? I don't want to be naive and take on work that I can't finish, but I'm a good multi-tasker and worked full time during my entire Bachelor of Science in public health (also full-time).

-After how many months do clinicals begin, and are they on top of the daily 8-3 schedule? What was your experience with clinicals?

-Is the workload pretty consistent throughout the 18 months? (Besides the obvious difficulty in studying for the NCLEX towards the end; I'm looking more for if the workload doubles the last 12 months or something)

My last question is just if you enjoyed the program overall? I am pretty tolerant and feel like I would be OK with chaos; I just want to make sure that there are enough hours in the day.

Thank you in advance for your help!