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Roseman University NV vs. National University CA


Hello A.N.

I am currently finishing up my last pre-reqs that I need for Nursing School and I'm in a bit of a dilemma. I don't know which program I'm leaning towards more. National is good because I can get more financial aid but they require a few more pre-reqs and I won't be able to apply until the jan 2016 cohort. And for Roseman I could apply for the august cohort and I will only need one more class and it's a 1 unit Nevada history course that I could take online once I start, also I would finish about 8 months before the National University Cohort. However, at Roseman, I would have to come out of pocket a bit more. Both are accelerated so I know either way they will be tough. Has anyone been in either of these programs or currently in them? Please give me some insight! Thanks in advance