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Role clarification LTC RN Ontario

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Hello everyone. I hope someone can shed some light regarding this. I am a transitioning RPN to RN role. I am previously an RPN in a ccc/ltc facility with primary care nursing model. That being said, I get to have my own clients for the entire shift. Pretty much, there’s no difference with RN/RPN assignments as we rotate every once in a while. The main difference is the RN takes charge especially when there is change of health status/level of acuity changes.

Now, I finally got my RN license after long wait. (I took my BScN in the Philippines). I got employed in an LTC where you have PSWs and RPNs. You got the idea. There is really no defined roles for RN. Everyone who oriented me say I should be doing this, I shouldn’t be doing that. Some even say, the RPNs of the unit especially full timer ones pretty much knows what they are doing.

IDK if I am just confused right now, or still clinging with my RPN role or used to the primary nursing care model.

I appreciate any input regarding this. Thank you.


Can you find the job description at the place of your employment? Also, did they not provide an orientation checklist, or a list of duties? I've worked at a couple LTC facilities in Ontario. The RNs oversaw 2-4 units/RPNS. They did a lot of the admin stuff, care plans, etc. They would get report for the units, and touch base with the RPNs to ensure certain things got documented/followed up. Wound care. Changes in acuity. We used the Point Click Care system and RNs were responsible for pain assessments, smoking assessments, etc. Sometimes they would have to give out medications if short an RPN...

@Hondagirl88 thank you so much for the info. This really is helpful for navigating my role.

No problem! Also, make sure you always communicate with the PSWs too! They are often the only ones that really know the patient and too often is their input ignored.