Rockland boces entrance exam


Hey everyone I just wanted to share information on passing rockland boces entrance exam..I did not yet start the program but I do start September 4th:cat: ...

For math -Hesi admission assessment exam review by elsevier(this book is great for people who don't know math at all basically) this book helped me a lot in the math department. .make sure u study and practice the whole math section..u won't really need the conversion chart for the accuplacer boces gives u..

Get the math book Evelyn torres recommends..imo it didn't help me learn the math but this book makes for great practice test..u should know how to do them once u study from the first book I mentioned. .study the basic arithmetic section only..

Download the app that the school recommends too

This gives u a great layout for what math basic math questions that will be on the test (study basic arithmetic only)

Study the other materials the school recommends too..the two books I mentioned above will help u in answering and basic arithmetic accuplacer questions..

English- now if your strong point is English which mines is too you still have to STUDY!! TRUST ME!! especially if u been out of school for awhile's not your basic read the passage and look for the answer it's a lot if compare and contrast. .

The accuplacer study app that I mentioned above that the school recommends has a basic reading comprehension that answer the also gives u the explanation for the answer too whether it's wrong or right..

Study any accuplacer basic reading comprehension and answer the questions. .you can Google search, use the materials the school recommends etc ..

Please give your self some time to least a month..oh PRACTICE FINISHING THE TEST IN UNDER 90 MINS!!..that's what they are looking for seams a bit scary but the more u study the more it will be easy for u..pluss theres only 17 math questions and 22 English so not to bad .

I really hope I helped ...btw I got a 76 in math and a 86 in English not in the 90s but I finished under 90 mins and Im in.;)..

Good luck!!


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This is super helpful thank you! I was wondering if any algebra was on the exam but I see you have clarified that question for me! Btw did u a bring a copy of your hs transcript or is a copy of your hs diploma enough? Just making sure because I need to request transcripts of anything