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So my husband just recently joined the AF and has now discovered we are going to be stationed over seas. I have already read other posts and researched that it is not an option for me to go to nursing school in that country. However, I was wondering for my specific case what my options are to get my RN. I have a BA in science with over a year of clinical experience as an Emergency Medical Technician. Originally in the US i was planning on getting my masters and RN at the same time in a few programs i found. Now these new plans are derailing everything, even though he is worth it. I found alot of answers that were mainly for people with no experience or undergraduate degree, but i was wondering what mine would be since i do have alot done? Is it possible to get my RN and maybe a BSN or MSN online? I know nursing requires clinicals, is it possible to work out with a school and maybe the hospital on base to get my clinical hours done?

I am very lost and confused now.

Thank you.

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It's not possible to do an entire online US nursing program and do clinical placements on the base in another country.