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Today was the big day, how was it?


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Thanks for asking...My computer shut off at 75 questions. It's my understanding that that's either a really good thing or a really, really bad thing. Some of the questions I felt pretty good about. Others were guesses. I tried to make educated guesses though.

A friend of mine took it the day before me and his shut off around 120-ish. He had a lot of prioritization and psych. I had a lot of prioritazation and pharm.

I felt alright when I first came out of there. But as the day went on, I started second guessing myself. I've realized that I can't do that. I can only remember 4 questions, of which I believe I got 3 right. It's a crazy test, I'll tell you that much. I really believe that if I would have studied another 2 weeks, it wouldn't have made any difference. My friend felt the same way.

Now I just have to make it through 48 hours of torture until I find out. But I'll let you know for sure once I know.


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Did you study Pharm really good? I was just studying that this morning. Did it ask you side effects or was it just drugs you would know? I guess I better dig in deep with the Pharm. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Let's just say I wish I had studied more pharm than I did. My toughest questions were something to the effect of:

"Of the following patients, which would you question the order for first?"

And then there were 4 choices and each choice named 2 meds that a patient with 2 diseases processes had. You had to be able to determine if the meds were appropriate for the disease processes, determine if the meds could be taken together, determine if the dosage was correct, etc.

But I also had some more basic questions like: Of the following, which would be the best determinant that 1mcg/kg of Dopamine is effective in treating a patient? Choices included: mental status, respiratory effort, urine output, etc. I believe the answer would be urine output.

Ugh. :uhoh3: I'm torturing myself again. Anyway, study your pharm, but don't go crazy. My friend took it the day before me and didn't have any pharm.

Oh, and I only had one alternative-style question. Multi-select. Something about choosing possible IM injection sites for an adult. Listed 6 choices (deltoid, vastus lateralis, abdomen, etc.) I don't remember what I chose, but I didn't choose abdomen.

Hope this helps!

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