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RN for 21 yrs, new to ER


Specializes in Peds, Peds float (all units), HH, PVC, ICU, IV the. Has 22 years experience.

I have had a very rough start with this new position in the ER...I have been a RN/BSN for 21 yrs and have done, Peds/Peds float (all units)/home infusion/PVC/ICU and IV therapy.  I started a new job on Aug 4th in the ER for better hours (I need to homeschool my daughter d/t severe asthma; her pulmonologist said no public school until Covid vaccine).  I have had 2 overbearing preceptors who keep taking over patient care. How I am ever to learn to take 4 patients and be successful if they keep stepping in? My orientation has been super rocky to begin with because they were so slammed and short staffed so I didn’t get a good orientation so they extended my orientation another 30 days. (background I have a bad R ankle that I knew in 5-10 yrs I would have to get fused but on day 1 walking into building for orientation I sprained it and I sprain it everyday walking on to property because the parking lot is so unlevel and so are the floors in the ER and I didn’t have this issue with any of my other jobs and because of this I can’t walk as fast as others)...Well I got called in to Clinical managers office last week because he said we are giving 30 more days because I need to get faster and to catch on to ER and improve your skills here and prove you are a good fit here and put me on a corrective action plan to meet with educator 1x/week.  He even said my IV skills needed work? I was livid...I am excellent with my IV skills...I miss 1 every now and then but so does my preceptors on the same patients.  How can I be an effective nurse here with overbearing preceptors, no real orientation, and being in constant agony with every step.  I am a great nurse...I have taught at ADN/BSN level, taught clinicals, taught simulation.  How can I not have this look bad on my resume? Because of this job now I need that ankle fusion ASAP now.  I do like the ER setting and the team I work with but management is two faced.  I know I could be successful here if I could walk faster.  I do have 2 job interviews lined up for this week just in case...I will have to decide by Nov 10th.