RN wants to Change Career due to problem looking for work...I need advice!!!

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hello fellow nurse of the universe! lol

i am a RN here in the Philippines but i haven't found a job for the last 2 years. i spent my 2 years undergoing various training related to my profession. i found one job but i only last for 2 weeks i found out they're not legal to operate a nursing home...**sucks....

i tried to apply for abroad but i always find an illegal recruiter and most of the agencies here require at least 2 years of experience unfortunately i am not qualified. i've tried to apply for a student visa in UK but i found out that the agency in UK is going bankrupt ;s **sucks...

i have friends who are already nclex passer and already in US but they are having problems looking for work so they decided to have a change career and they pursued to be a doctor...

i am thinking of changing a career path... i always dream of taking a culinary course but i still have feelings for my nursing profession ;s i need some advice

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I don't know what to tell you beyond this: Perhaps by degree it's better in the US than the PI but the reality is that most new grads here are really struggling to find work.

Advice: Follow your friend's lead and become a physician or follow your heart and become a chef. At least as a chef you can put your skills to good use even if you can't find a job in your field. Not so as a nurse.

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