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I work in PACU PHASE I. I have my certification as a CPAN and am ACLS certified. I obtained both at my own expense and my hospital does not recognize either with any additional remuneration at all either. It also does not seem to make any additional difference on performance evaluations either as others seem to obtain the same percentage of increase also. It does give me personal satisfaction to have acquired each and I believe it increases my credibility in this particular field to patients and colleagues. Sorry, this should actually be posted as a reply to the message under mine----the words to post a reply are so blurry on my screen that I chose the wrong one.

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Judy, you are in good company....I also have the same certifications that you have, obtained at my own expense, and without recognition. Ad a matter of fact, when I worked in the PACU, my stupid boss called the test C-SPAN for over 2 years!!! I now work in Critical Care, and guess what? I am taking the CCRN soon! Just a glutton for punishment I guess! Good Luck to you, Carol



Dear Judy: I'm unaware of any hospital that pays for specialty certification,perhaps it's a regional difference. I've found that CCRN certification is valuable for keeping abreast of clinical issues, as there is an educational requirement for recert. My institution will reimburse for the cost of the recert,but we get no weekly differential for having it.


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I work at at University Hospital in Albuquerque New Mexico. We have a clinical ladder here with additional pay based on your step on the ladder..Level 1, 2, or 3.based on a point system. Cap Level 3 now receives 5 dollars more an hour...like 10k a year in addition to your base salary.

The people who seem to be replying to this post would likely benefit in our system.


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