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Rn vs ota vs pta vs rad tech

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I know this may not be the best spot, but I'm looking for more up to date information. I'm looking to go back to school and I've narrowed it down to 4. I'm all about variety and not being bored. I know that rn's will be able to find a job alot easier verus the others.. for every 10 nursing jobs you can find 1 of the others. I also know that pta growth is practically non-existent where the other option to grow is being a pt which ni requires a M.D which I doubt I would do. Rad tech always room to advance with more school but the lack of patient interaction is very concerning since I get bored so easily. An ota is all about patent interaction but I rather find full time jobs for them. Has anybody seen anything about these jobs now or have any opinion on these?

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It doesn't sound like you have a thorough understanding of these roles. For example, radiology techs work in a variety of modalities and many of them interact with patients all day, every day, performing and assisting with various tests and procedures. Physical therapy programs require doctorate education, but this is not the equivalent of an MD. Have you considered shadowing these professions to find out what you like and dislike?