I am trying to find more information about Natropathy and am trying to decide whether I should pursue further education in this area. I am a RN-BSN and am looking into furthing my education. My background has been in PACU and ICU. I have been a traveling nurse for the past 7 years and have become more involved in massage therapy-as my own side job. It has been very rewarding and breaks the stress load of hospital nursing. This past year I have help a friend of mine open a clinic doing varicose vein treatments and we have added aesthetics to our practice too. That also is very fun--working with lasers, botox, fillers, etc. I am very interested in the antiaging "stuff" bioidentical hormones, nutrition etc. I have looked into whether or not I should go on and get my NP. But, I am really leaning more and more toward natural health care and don't want to invest my money in the tradition western medicine type education---I am just seeing it more and more as a business with health not being a top priority. Does anyone out there have some advise in which direction I should go. I've done and learned alot by networking and getting more advanced on the job training but realy have a thirst for more knowledge in this area. Any ADVICE out there??


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The best place to start is the AHNA. The American Holistic Nurses Assoc. offers tons of info, a great quarterly "Beginnings", annual conference, standards of holistic practice, their journal & website. I had ordered back issues which you can peruse on their site. http://www.ahna.org

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