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by lexiesnana lexiesnana (New Member) New Member

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Hi Everyone...

I found this site rather by accident so I'm basically looking around and it will be fun to find some other overworked, underpaid nurses to talk to.

I do have a question:

I want to start an IV Team at my hospital and I'm looking for some protocols and information on why it would be a good idea to present to the nursing manager.

I currently am a staff nurse in a 200 bed community hospital; I work in the ED. We see around 58,000 patients a year and we are a very busy ER. We also admit a lot of patients from the ED so I thought perhaps with all the admissions and all the EMS that come through the ED that an IV team might be a good thing. I am not opposed to being trained in PICC lines and will investigate that also, but I don't want to get involved with hanging blood and IV medications. I am not opposed to doing phlebotomy while starting the IV.

Can anyone out there help me out with all of this? Thanks.

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Hello lexiesnana and welcome to allnurses!welcomeflowrs.gif

So glad you happened upon the site. Good luck in your efforts in establishing an IV team. Sounds like a wonderful idea. Hopefully some other members will come along with some good advice/suggestions for you.

Enjoy the site!

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