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RN Student Challenge LPN Exam State of Florida

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i'm a first year rn student at indian river state college, and after getting through a lovely divorce need to generate some much needed income while completing the rn program. does anyone know if it's possible to challenge the lpn nclex exam in the state of florida after certain clinical rotations are completed?

i was told it is possible to sit for the lpn exam after completing both med/surg rotations but wanted to get confirmation prior to pursuing...:confused:

let me know your thoughts... :D any input would be much appreciated.

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Thats what I want to know also. If you found out please let me know.

No unfortunately, I never received a response on this post...However, I was told by a friend of mine (RN) who recently completed school that during your first round of clinicals (Fundamentals) that you can take the state exam to obtain a CNA Certification.

With that said most of the RN programs are 4 semesters, and you have to be a current RN student.. but upon completion of your OB/ PEDS clinical rotation (in the state of FL) you can challendge the LPN boards.

Best of Luck!! :nurse:

I am about to start my 3rd semester which is ob/peds and was under the impression that we could challenge the lpn boards. I asked my program director if we could and she told me that it was a rumor :crying2:

I am going to buy an LPN exam review book to study anyways and see if she will type/sign the letter I would need to challenge it. If she still says no I may ask the Dean. I dont understand why it would be a problem??? So fingers crossed and if you found out anything new please let me know. Thanks


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