RN review/refresher? public health nursing/health promotion to clinical nursing

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Since I became a nurse 7 years ago (Bachelor of Nursing Science) I have only worked in Public Health - community development, health education, policy development, very minimal stereo-typical clinical nursing duties (ie. I was pulled in to do vaccinations during H1N1). I would like to pick up some side nursing work in community health (ie case management) but with my skills so underutilized I feel I need a refresher of some sort before doing that.

I am trying to decide whether or not it would be sufficient to do an RN exam review course or if I need a full-blown RN refresher course. I would love to hear your personal experience or thoughts on this in general and also any specific experience you have with courses.

FYI I am trained, registered, living and working in Canada but am open to hearing about NCLEX review programs also (it was recently announced that the CRNE will be replaced with the NCLEX by 2015).

Thanks in advance.

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