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Hello allnurses.com I am a RN since December 2017 and was a LPN working in hospital for 3.5 years prior. I am job hunting for jobs in the Dallas area with a sign on/relocation bonus. Does anyone have any ideas to where to I should start? I search indeed and careerbuilder on a daily basis.

Will my med surg experience as a lpn count towards experience in Dallas? I am working a travel assignment on a PCU with an agency I have been with since I was a Lpn.

Looking to move there by August 2018.

Specializes in Vascular Access.

Dallas has MANY great Hospitals to work for. But so does Arlington and Fort Worth. In addition, when I lived there, they had the Baylor work plan: Work every Sat/Sun, two 12 hour shifts and get paid for 40 with full benefits.. YAY.

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