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I have been reviewing this bulletin board over the past 7 days. Quite interesting and stimulating. Thank you. I have a question to ask any interested in responding. I have worked in healthcare many years, x-ray tech from 1972 - 1987 and RN from 1983 -1994. My nursing experience has typically been Operating Room than Critical Care i.e. open heart recovery, IABP, LVAD, Vents, etc. However, I had an opportunity to pursue other vetures and spend time with the kids. My hiatus has been 7 years. Currently, the children are going to college and I have decided to return to Nursing. I have reviewed an RN refresher coorifice and it appears to be basic nursing. My previous RN working peers have not supported my taking a refresher coorifice (to basic) and suggest that a modified orientation would be sufficient for my return. One friend is a nurse educator and says 4 week orientation would problably bring me up to speed fairly quickly and I could progress from there.

Question 1. Has anyone taken the RN refresher coorifice and if so, does it represent as a basic nursing refresher?

Question 2. For those of you that have taken a hiatus from nursing and returned, how fast did your skills and your comfort level return?

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