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I' currently a FCCJ student trying to get in to the RN program but I'm trying to find out if anyone knows how the RN program at concord institute in jackosnville is like. I know that it cost about $36.000 but if you have the prere. it can go down, I have pretty much all the pre requi for concord so my full tuition might be around $15.000 total. I don't might get a loan for it as long I become a nurse but I want to find out if anyone goes there and how it's like. I'm really considering to apply with them for the fall. I already took the pre entrance test and I scored enough points to be able to take the entrance test which I don't think it is too bad because they only test you on reading and math.Can anyone help me please? Should I go to concord if accepted or should I keep trying for FCCJ.


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I was planning on attending the RN program at Concorde in Aurora, CO until I looked harder at it. I don't know about the one there; but, the one here is very unorganized and I heard alot of bad things from current and past students about it. I felt for the price of the school there should have been newer and better equipment and better teachers. I decided not to go there and keep plugging along on the cc route. It may be different and better there; but, look at it thoroughly and decide if it is really worth it.


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the RN is new over here in Jacksonville. Ithink they started last fall, anyway I'm keeping my options open. I just don't want to stay in a waiting list for years like some people do, I don't have time for that anymore.

thanks for your inf.

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